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Athlete Development… is it just a buzz term or is it really something we should be seriously consider for our kids?


My name is Ian Forbes.

I coordinate and run the Athlete Development Program here at FFCo. The ADP is an opportunity to improve your child's ability to handle physical and mental challenges that often confronts them in the sporting area.


The term ‘Athlete Development’ has been thrown around a lot in recent times, mainly to try and get kids in the gym and benefit their sporting performance. There any many schools and institutions that do this very well, however there are many that just aren’t equipped to do the program justice due to a variety of things including:


Lack of experience 

Lack of qualifications

Lack of knowledge and understanding


Enter, FFCO’s new, industry leading Athlete Development Program.


Made specifically to enhance the young athletes of our community, ADP (Athlete Development Program) focuses on sharpening motor skills, improving strength, speed and mobility as well as numerous other major fitness concepts. Led by one of Tasmania’s best youth coaches, Ian Forbes is here to guide our young people into being the most knowledgeable and skilled athletes they can be.

With over 25 years of experience as a Health & Physical Education teacher and also being a qualified strength and conditioning coach (ASCA L2), Ian has set up up and mentored ADP in 5 schools and now it’s our turn to see him work his magic at Fresh Fitness Co. 

The first 8 week block of 2023 is commencing on 9th May and concluding on 26th June, the timetable is as follows.

Tuesday's + Thursdays


FUNdamentals Program

(Yr. 4-6): 3.20pm - 4.10pm. 


Emerging Athlete Program 

(Yr. 7-9): 4.20pm - 5.10pm




FUNdamentals Program

(Yr. 4-6): 3.30pm - 4pm.


Emerging Athlete Program

(Yr. 7-9): 4.10pm - 4.40pm.



1x session $15 p/w

2x sessions $30 p/w

3x sessions $35 p/w


Get in touch with us to confirm your child’s spot.

Interested in enrolling your child in ADP?We'd love to hear from you!

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