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game changer!

Hey Fresh Fam 👋🏻


I hope you’re safe and well, and crushing your Fitness goals 💪🏻


For as long as we’ve been in business (almost 10 years, crazy huh!) I’ve wanted to come up with a membership option that allows our clients to really excel.


An option that gives back and focuses on individual needs.


I’ve always thought;

How fantastic would it be if every member of FFCo could access weekly PT via a membership option that was seriously sustainable.

How awesome would it be if all of our members could get that personal experience and have someone that keeps them on track.. always.

Imagine the impact that would have on their results!


And so ,we’ve come up with our Signature Membership option that stands to change the game.


Here’s how it looks.


  • 24 Gym Access 

  • Unlimited Group Training

  • 1 x results PT session EVERY WEEK.

+ access to all of our online learning material.


All for just $60.00 per week (insane I know).


Now I’m not silly, I know this won’t be for everyone, and that’s absolutely fine.. BUT


If you’re a person who would love;

Someone to keep you on track

A goal based training session each week

A weekly reset point 

Coaching that guides you helps you improve 

A consistent plan of attack

An actionable option that allows you to achieve and continue to work on your goals


then this just might be for you.


With seven days until EOFY we’ve decided give it a trial run, meaning for the next week this deal is on the table. After that, who knows.


Reply to this email or drop your details in the form link if you think this might be for you.

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